Korbo Demolition Underway

The roof and siding are coming off as the decommissioned John Korbo apartments. There may be several layers to both as the building has been both retrofitted and given a new roof system within the last 20 years. Photo by Dan Davidson.

Story by Dan Davidson

Demolition work has begun on the John Korbo Apartment Building on 6th Avenue in Dawson. The Yukon Housing Corporation determined that the age and condition of the building, coupled with contamination from a 22,000 litre heating fuel leak during 2010, made it impossible to restore the ailing 40-year-old building to other uses now that its replacement across town has been finished and all the former tenants here have been relocated to there.

Former Klondike MLA Steve Nordick, who was the minister in charge of the Yukon Housing Corporation, indicated that it was YHC’s intent to have low cost (but not subsidized) housing erected on this site through some undefined form of public-private partnership within the next two years.

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