Blasting from the Country


By Lisa McKenna

Known as the Texas Troubadour, he was a pioneer of American country music.

Born in 1914 in Crisp, Texas (now a ghost town), just outside of Ellis County, he grew up working on farms. Inspired by Jimmy Rodgers (the singing brakeman) this boy would spend all his spare time singing, yodeling and playing the guitar.

In 1947 he opened up the first all-country music store in Nashville. Now there are several.

He helped to mark the rise of honky-tonk music. He sang with a young Loretta Lynne. He sang “Blue Christmas” in 1948, years before Elvis. He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But he’ll walk “the floor over you” because he is Ernest Tubb!


Editor’s Note: We regret to inform our readers of the passing of our dear reporter and member of the Klondike Sun, Lisa McKenna. Lisa passed away quietly on Monday morning, July 8, after a long (30 year) struggle with MS.  Lisa’s unyielding spirit, enthusiasm and unique vision will be missed at our paper. In addition to community coverage, she wrote several columns for every issue, including “Blast from the Past” and “Great Leaders”. She also went through the alphabet and back with her beloved and ingenious “Kids’ Page”.

Writing the “Blast” was one of her favourite things to dream up, research and share with the community. This is her last “Blast”, published in our July 10th paper.

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