The "funniest weekend" of summer

DSC_3195Story & photos by Hélène Roth

Playing the kazoo, wearing flashy pink clothes, dresses, sparkling jackets and sunglasses, “My Humps” from the Black eyed Peas begins and the band, backs to their audience, are beating the rhythm with their hands. The crowd is ready to ignite.

The seventh edition of Cover Me Badd was hosted by Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) on Friday, June 5.

The Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF), organizer of the event, transformed the upper room on a stage that welcomed nine bands with totally different styles and made everyone dance in a friendly and funny atmosphere.

The idea is to allow anyone to form a band for the sole purpose to perform three songs – one of their choice and one assigned to them.

“Many of the bands were formed just for Cover Me Badd, but some played together already,” says Farrell.

From Nancy Sinatra, Weezer, Ace of Base, Bob Marley to the Black Eyed Peas, there was enough diversity to please anyone in the audience.

It was also a nice opportunity for good friends or people that just met each other to challenge themselves and have a good time on stage.

DSC_3353Maria Sol, Rachel Siminovitch, Lana Welchman and Kristen Poenn formed the Bass Sick Bitches that performed “My Humps”.

“It was fun. We’re friends and we were having such a fun time during the rehearsals that we were trying not too laugh,” says Siminovitch.

Their secret for making you dance according to Sol?

“We’re friends and we share the same sense of humour, also with girls you got to do all these funny tacky things and like wear make up and costumes.

Then, just doing it for the heck of it and not worrying about your musical performance, but more your energy.”

DSC_3245Cover Me Badd is a fundraiser for KIAC and DCMF.

“Funds raised go towards our year-round programming and paying local artists,” says Emily Farrell, director of DMCF.

The event welcomed about 175 people this year, including both locals and tourists.

“I think Cover Me Badd was a great success this year! We had a great group of bands playing a wide range of songs – there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy and experience. If people have a good time, we’re happy,” says Farrell.

“It’s always the funniest weekend of the summer,” says Sol.

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