A visual opinion poll to predict the Dawson City Federal vote: NDP wins.

By Chris Healey

Dawson City election signs

Dawson City election signs

Today we conducted a very informal, casual count of front lawn election signs in an attempt to predict which party would garner the most votes in Dawson City.

We consider this methodology to be a random sampling of publicly declared support. Only after voting results come in tomorrow evening will we know if there is any predictive correlation between our modest data set and voter intentions. Even if there is, that is not reasonable proof that it was not a coincidence unless this exercise is repeated many times throughout many elections.

Our approach was to drive throughout (most of) Dawson City, C-4 and parts of the Dredge Ponds as well as Dome Road. Unfortunately, the limitations of our vehicle prevented a survey of West Dawson and many other rougher roads around the immediate region.

We also did not count signs on public land, such as along the highway, and did not count multiple signs on one property or flyers left on properties. These had to be campaign signs obviously and deliberately placed on a residential property.

The Results

  • NDP candidate Melissa Atkinson had the most visible support in terms of lawn signs at 20—especially in town.
  • Liberal candidate Larry Bagnell and Conservative incumbent Ryan Leef tied for second place with 10 signs each.
  • The Green Party’s candidate Frank de Jong came in last with a count of zero. Considering his healthy presence of signs along the Klondike Highway, we are sure there are some supporters here with lawn signs that we simply missed today.

Please remember to vote tomorrow and good luck to all the parties.

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