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The “funniest weekend” of summer

DSC_3195Story & photos by Hélène Roth

Playing the kazoo, wearing flashy pink clothes, dresses, sparkling jackets and sunglasses, “My Humps” from the Black eyed Peas begins and the band, backs to their audience, are beating the rhythm with their hands. The crowd is ready to ignite. » » » »

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Tanker Roll

Tanker roll 1
“This cell phone was a godsend during this whole emergency,” Fire Chief Jim Regimbal said as he reflected on the events of last week’s LNG tanker rollover just across the bridge from Dawson City. » » » »

Franklin Ship Located in the Arctic

Terror and Eerbus

On May 19, 1845, the Royal Navy ships Her Majesty’s Ship (HMS) Erebus and HMS Terror departed Greenhithe, England, on a much-heralded Arctic expedition in search of a Northwest Passage. » » » »

Beaver Creek RV park and hotel open for buisness

Beaver Creek Motel old main lodge

Story and Photos
By Dan Davidson

Sitting in the office of the Beaver Creek RV Park, with Beat Ledergerber and his wife Jyl Wingert, it’s easy to reflect on the many changes that have occurred in Beaver Creek since the three years that my wife and I spent here in the late 1970s. For one thing, we’re sitting in what used to be the Canada Customs depot, which used to be located directly across the road from where it now sits. New comers to town had to clear Customs to get gas until the agents got to know what your car looked like. » » » »

Three Years from Germany to the Circle


Story & Photos
By Dan Davidson

Joachim Kreuzer (aka “Red Badger”) and Manfred Schroeter of Germany pulled up alongside the Dawson Dyke just over a month ago on July 13, finally completing a significant part of a river trip they had tried to undertake the year before. » » » »

Multimedia Feature: No Rules in Rustic

Nestled amongst the trees of West Dawson, sits the Yukon’s first legal distillery – Klondike River Distillery.

This is the fourth instalment as part of a summer video series filmed and produced by our summer intern, Hannah Eden.

Be sure to pick up Wednesday, Aug. 6th issue of the Klondike Sun to read the full feature on Klondike River Distillery.