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Klondike Sun Front Page August 24

Front Page August 24

Check out the August 24 edition of the Klondike Sun for coverage of the 2016 Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers’ North End Knock-out, the Moosehide Gathering, Discovery Days, and the Riverside Arts Festival!


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Klondike Sun Front Page June 29

JUNE28 Klondike Sun Front Page WEB

Check out the June 29 edition of the Klondike Sun for all the latest around Dawson City!

Boardwalk Empire: Dawson’s own burlesque troupe steals hearts on Trek Over The Top Weekend

[With apologies for recent delays in updating our website, please enjoy this extended version of “Boardwalk Empire,” a condensed version of which ran in print on April 20th, 2016]

Boardwalk Burlesque photo by Janice Cliff

Post-performance grins from performers Sherry Haze, Ruby Amore, Golden Goddess, Randy Ravenwood, Chevonne of the Yukon, Athena Blaze, Ramblin’ Rose, Klondike Katie and MC Tanya Cerovic (L-R). In front: Stage Kitten Lady Avian Spark. Missing from pic: Angel Pie (see photo below)

By María Sol Suárez
Photos by Janice Cliff

It’s the night of the second Boardwalk Burlesque show in Dawson City, and the doors open at 8:00 pm. It’s 7:58 when I race to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s, and I’m praying that my friends were able to save me a spot in the line, since I had made the commitment to write this article and, well, how can I write it if I don’t get to see the show?

I heard the line was already three blocks long by 7:30, so I panicked. I had spent about two hours turning a friend’s very long blonde hair into a gigantic 80’s rock star mane, part of her transformation into Ramblin’ Rose. It was no small feat for a hairdresser, let alone a Youtube tutorial amateur like me.

When I see my friends and make my way to join them, I am met with the dirtiest of looks by the other people in line. Folks in Dawson are usually so courteous, but tonight, it is below zero outside and the stakes are high: everyone is jealously guarding their spot as the chances to get in become slimmer.

And hey, I totally get it. I have heard how legendary this show was last time, and I know it justifies standing in line for over an hour, and maybe a little elbowing here and there if necessary. At some point I even attempted to conjure my inner “Paparazzi” to gain entry, but: no dice. Maybe next time I should show up wearing a 1940’s fedora with a “PRESS” note on the side and a big camera with one of those old flashbulbs that blow up; that would really be in tune with the show’s vintage aesthetic.

Rachel Wiegers, a.k.a Yukon Chevonne, has delighted Dawson with her burlesque talents for years. When she decided to offer her knowledge on the art through a course for beginners in winter 2015, a small revolution started. Suddenly, women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, were learning how create a striptease routine with humour and entertainment, that highlighted their personalities and tastes.

They loved it. And what’s more, everyone else did too: the first Boardwalk Burlesque showcase, held in May at the Palace Grande, was an explosive success.

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Klondike Sun June 15

KS Front Page June 15Check out the June 15 edition of the Klondike Sun for all the latest in Dawson City!

Web exclusive: Gingerbread Competition A Feast For the Eyes

By Molly MacDonald

The Klondike Sun always takes a holiday break in December, to let our volunteers enjoy festivities as much as everyone else. But there’s so much going on in Dawson in December that we wanted to share at least this one story between our Dec. 16 issue (the last print issue for 2015) and our Jan. 13 issue (the first print issue for 2016). Here’s Molly MacDonald’s take on how Dawsonites made and responded to recent gingerbread house delights.

Bonnie Duffee and TrudyLindgren critique the Jack London Museum entry. Photo Credit: Molly MacDonald

Bonnie Duffee and TrudyLindgren critique the Jack London Museum entry. Photo Credit: Molly MacDonald

No winter-worn Hansel and Gretel could have resisted the holiday cheer swirling around the Visitor Information Centre at Dawson’s first annual gingerbread house competition, December 11th and 12th. With the fragrant perfume of cookies and apple cider filling the air, Dawsonites marvelled at the confectionary genius of their fellow citizens, and cast votes for their favourite gingerbread creations.

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Season’s Greetings to One and All! Latest Klondike Sun available now

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Please enjoy this free article from our current holiday issue: Bird mayo, hunger-killers and shiny fruit: 
An Argentine Christmas Glossary

By María Sol Suárez

Fabulously tanned and ready for the Brindis!

Fabulously tanned and ready for the Brindis! Credit: Romina Marinig

When I spent my first Christmas in the Yukon, I was so absolutely thrilled to actually experience all of those iconic Hallmark card moments associated with the holidays that were so different from anything else I grew up with in South America. I wanted to bake ALL the cookies, make ALL the snow angels, wear ALL the ugly sweaters, sing ALL the carols. I felt like all those snow globe dreams were finally materializing: I could taste them, and touch them, and wear them. I had my first REAL tree, from a REAL forest, at the age of 25. And, I’m sorry, but I ain’t never switching back to plastic.

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